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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unlucky Day (Part 2) ~ Car broke down

Why this happen to me???

I think i am the unlucky guy ... This 2 day also happen unlucky incident...Haiz...so bad luck!!! Morning, i fetch my gf to UCSI...After sent her to her campus, i stopped at the petrol station near there and fill petrol and then went to the toilet. After that i start my car, but my CLK (cute little kelisa) betrayed me...WTF!!! i canot start the engine!!! F**K !! i think my car tell me is time to change the car battery le... The car battery is "die" ady...OMG!!! Today i sure late to class le...Haiz, in that situation i din bother about i will be late to class le. I really duno wat to do... So i called my dad and ask for help...Luckily my dad not yet go to work and he come and help. Haiz~My dad drive my car back and sent to the workshop to change battery. Why i so "shui", so unlucky. So many bad thing happen to me... Need to pray le...Haiz...


my CLK betrayed me... WTF!!!

this old battery need to change le... T.T"

Tml got Management Mid Term Exam, still not start study yet, got many thing to memorise. OMG!!! i am going to mad le...Tonight no need sleep le. Hope that tml i wont happen any unlucky incident le... T.T"