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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today i went to cinema to watched Dragonball Evolution. Before i plan to watch this movie , i got ask the comment from my fren that had watched it already. He tell me that is not good and ask me dun waste money to go cinema for watch it. But i still wanna to watch it in cinema.

So i go to Leisure mall to watch the movie. It is quite funny movie. The movie is a bit different from the comic. I was surprised that Goku need to go to uni to study . (Haha...Unbelivable)

But the story and overall of the movie is still ok , not too bad and not very interesting. For those comic fans, i think they will be disappointing. If v compare with the comic sure the movie is not good la!!! But atleast i can watched till the movie end only came out from the cinema. Lolz...

Today my Managment lecture say that our Managment MID-TERM exam will be on next friday 5pm until 6pm. Walau!!! my class untill 4pm , after class already very tired , still got exam until 6pm...Canot Tahan leh ~ And my Web Page Design MID-TERM will be on next wednesday 3pm-4pm...Haiz~ need start study ady, so many things to memorise. Next week will be very busy lol, still got 3 assigment to do, need to pass up 2 more week...NO much time le !!!!