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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unlucky Day ~ Hospital Day

This morning when i was sleeping in the English Lecture class, suddenly i was awake, not bcoz waken up by the lecturer but i awake bcoz i felt that my chest was really pain...The kind of pain is really hard to describe...like something burning inside my body, a sharp pain...After that it effect my whole stomach also feel very pain. I canot stand up even canot sit straight. So i ask jenshen sent me to the nearest hospital "Hospital UM". But when i reach there, i was like a fool bring from a room to another room by the nurse. WTF, after that a doctor came to see me and he ask about my condition then he give me ate some medicine and ask me rest in the ward...i was laying on the bed and i felt that it was so scary and the nurse and doctor looks not friendly...After that the nurse told me i need to wait for 2 hour for body check and blood test...WTF!!! need to wait so long, i still have to go back my Web Page class for my practical assement leh... so i do not want to stay so long to wait, and i ask the doctor to let me back. He give me some medicine and let me back.

the scary ward

EMERGENCY!!! But the reaction of nurse and doctor not cemas oso

I was late 30min to class, but luckily Ms Aida still let me do the assement. Huuuh~ And i also vey satisfied with my mark that teacher give...19/20 Haha( so lanC)~Today have my Web Page Design exam, haiz... i think my result still ok gua...Lolz~

I still feel that my chest got a bit pain now...I hope that i will be ok when i wake up tml...