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Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Day ~

Yesterday after i came back from my class , i felt that i not feeling well and i had a bit sore throat and get cold. After i reached home, i slept from 4pm until 7.30pm. after having my dinner, at first i wanna to do my tutorial but end up with online to play sm ( soccer manager) , after that i felt very sleepy, so i go to sleep at 11pm.

Today the weather is not very good bcoz , it start raining heavily early in the morning. Today my class suppose start on 10.30am , but early in the morning when i was still in dreaming, my mom had wake me up. She ask me to fetch her to Ampang Hospital for body check. So i have no choice. Haiz.... canot sleep T.T"

The rain still fall non stop and getting more heavily when i on my way to my uni. I thought it will very jam in the Federal Highway in this morning bcoz of raining, and i thought that i will late for class. But it not as jam as i expect. I can reach my uni on time. Haha~ When i reach pj , it still raining heavily , so i have no choice " terpaksa" park my car at Jaya 1 parking. It cost me RM 2 for only 1 and half hour.

Today i actually wan to ask my gf accompany me go to cinema to watch "Dragonball Evolution " But she say she no mood , so i din ask her lol. So i only can watch Hong Kong Drama at home lol.

Wat a BoRingzzz Day..... Aiksss~