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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dissapointed~~Wat a disgraced defeat !!!

Tonight was an amazing night. Tonight will be 2 best team in EPL will fight against each other. There will be "Red Devil" Man utd vs "The Reds" Liverpool. I was so excited today, i cant wait till the night to watch the big match. So i decided to watch the match with my friend at Steven Corner mamak stall.

The night had been arrived. When we reach Steven Corner, the match almost start and there were crowded with many people. All of them came for the match. They all wear up with their Man Utd or Liverpool jersey. We find a place to sit and thn order for drinks. Most of the people are Liverpool supporter, when thay saw Liverpool got chance to score , they will clap and cheer louder. Man Utd have a chance for penalty at 23 min. It easily score by C.Ronaldo. 1-0 Man Utd lead by 1 goal. I was so excited. But the luck din stand at Man Utd side, juz at 28 min , Vidic make a mistake and let Torres score. Althought i not a Liverpool fans but i think that Torres score a brillant goal. After this, bad luck happen to Man utd. Liverpool start scoring goals non stop.

Haiz...In 90 min , Liverpool score again.The score become 4-1. I felt very very upset. I cant wait the game finish and went home. It was dissapoint me and very sad.
I cant expect the result will be so worst. It will be a good news for all Liverpool fans but not me!!!

i dress up with my Man Utd jersey

the mamak stall are full of people