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Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Hair Style

SUNDAY , MARCH 22 , 2009 , 1.25pm

My mom always complain my hair so long and messy...looks like grass~haiz...so this morning i went to saloon for hair-cut...I have cut a short hair and look very weird...haiz...


so short ah...OMG!!! Haiz..

My friend help me bought a Barcelona jersey... I like it very much~ But some incident happened, when i get the jersey , i found that got a bit cacat... so i tell my friend, he told me to take back the stall to change...So i take to change myself...When i reached the stall a malay guy was there, i told him my problem and ask him to change, but he refused to change and talk many non-sense. Gek Sei me le...he say if i add RM5 thn he will change for me..WTF, so unhonest... i refused to do it and i scold him not "jujur" and thn went home. So i told my friend , he said that he will settle for me...thn he went back the stall with his mom to change for me. After a while , he take a new 1 jersey for me, he said his mom help me change le...WTF, the guy really bully teenager...

my Barcelona jersey

Yesterday went Times Square to watch "Race to the Witch Mountain"...It quite nice, it was an adventure movie... (To Bobo n Jared: This time i not watch movie with stranger la...with my gf...Haha)

OMG!!! WTF... Man Utd lost again...So so dissapointed...