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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last Presentation of my Last Sem~

Today is my last presentation which is web page design. Meanwhile, Jared and Jenshen class also having the drama Presentation today, so all of us dress up with formal. Capture some photo after the presentation.

Karen and Joslynn came to our english class to support Jared & Reno group presentation

Reno, Ah Lai & me

Yerr~ Ah Lai look so gay...but Reno enjoy it!!!

Jos"lynn" & Fei "Lin"

LuLu & Maria ( another Lulu)

Reno post so yeng~~~

Ah Lai & Jared

Me and Reno

Walau...Suzan today look so so so "Sexy" (disgusting)

Puvan put his hand at Suzan fake breast~ so "ham sap"

Detective "L" is at Utar???

Sweet Couple...Haiz...nth to say

Wanna fight??? Come la!!

Cannot fight lol , our new lecturer is here , miss Tracy

J-Family ( but Reno was not in this photo)

Football Team???

Received a good news just now...This Friday i can work on Pc fair le... Haha~ so happy... Can earn some $$ lol... RM80 per day ...