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Monday, April 6, 2009

4 April Saturday

Went back my hometown Kampar for "Ching Ming".

5 April Sunday

Went back KL in the afternoon 4.30pm. It was raining heavily all the way back to KL. Meet jenshen and his family in the kawasan rehat at the highway. He also went back to Ipoh for "ching ming". I was drove all the way back to KL because my dad say he was very tired, so he let me drive. so sienz... Need to face traffic jam. Because the traffic is very jam all the way back...Haiz~

6 April Monday

Today is my English Drama Presentation. I went to school early than usual. But again i face traffic jam. Dunno why today so jam...Damn it !!! Our group is the 4th group and also the last group to present.
I was so stress because all the 3 group present very well. I also scare that i will forget the script. But we succesful to present our drama. I was satisfied with our group performance. Hope that we can score high marks for this session, and then we no need too worry for the final exam. ^^

From left: Sik Ann, Me, Raymond and Sky

Why so so serious?

Capture with our lecturer Mr Yaw

He is our group BEST Model Mr Raymond

wow... what are he doing?? Are he crazy??

cool man!!! Raymond has high potential to become a model