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Friday, April 24, 2009


THis few days the weather really damn hot no matter day or night, make people easy emo and moody... This week is my study week but i really no mood to study...Duno why, very Lazy.... Today already friday, that mean my study week already pass 5 days, and i will having my final exam on monday but i not even start to study yet...i going to XX soon....WTF...

The DIGI service really
NOOB!!! make me piss off!!! F**K... Yesterday i canot reload my phone credit, so i cant sms...Today i can reload ady but i still cant send msg.. WTF!!!

i have called the Digi Helpline to ask... 1st time i called, a girl ask me to wait 2 hour, and they will reset my sim card and then i can send msg...so i wait for 2 hour... After 2 hour it still canot send msg, so i called again...this time another girl answer my called, i told her my problem and she told me that now Digi upgrading system so will some problem and she ask me to wait for 24 hour or more than that to settle my problem!!!! WTF??!!! another 24 hour??? F**K la!!! wat service is that??? need customer to wait and wait that mean i cant sms the whole day???

Their slogan still say "I WILL FOLLOW YOU" but...... where is the yellow man go ???

why you don't follow me??