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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice-Skating @ Sunway

Today i hang out with some of my high school friends (jenshen, april, jia jun, kah yan & leong) to Sunway Pyramid... Long time din hang out with them since last christmas eve.

We reach there about 11 sth and thn we went for our brunch at Hertz Chicken Buffet. The food at there is really suck and the price was also very expensive. Kononnya "Buffet" but most of them are only fried chicken. i think Go eat KFC better!!! After our brunch we go for ice-skating. This time is my 2nd time ice skating, the 1st time i forget is when but i think is 2 year ago when i was only Form4... So i got a bit nervous and scare that i will fall down... There were so many skating today, and i saw many people "pok gai" ^^
Luckily i was't so noob...April more noob thn me...Haha~ I only fall down 1 or 2 time but not very serious... i saw some other people fall down and their pant and shirt all wet...pity them...^^

We skate unil 5pm and thn walk around there... After that we have our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng... We have free drinks because one of my fren having her b'day on 22th so we will have free big milk tea... After dinner thn we all went home... Damn tired!!!

My fren not yet send me the photo so canot update...update next time...

Free B'day Big Milk Tea

cheese baked rice