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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2nd Day of my Presentation

Today is my Management Presentation. So again i need to wear formal to school. I can see that many ppl in the lecture class wore formal today bcoz TD1 and Td2 have their webpage design presentation today. Tml is my webpage design presentation, need to wear formal again.

jia seng, jenshen, ryan & me

jenshen looks like jia seng gf in this photo

Ryan & me

"Miss Universal 2009" Ryan Chan


My friends all will work at pc fair this coming friday, saturday and sunday, except me and Bobo. We hope to work with them too but the man in charge say that they enough of people le, so we need to wait them to call us. I hope that we can work lol, can earn some $$ to spend ma...

capture by Joslynn... nth to do,wanna act as "大只佬"

Today when i read newspaper , i read the sport news that MAN UTD HAD WON IN THE GAME AGAINTS ASTON VILLA. This not very surprise me, bcoz i ady expect that they will win, but 1 thing that very surprise me is that hero that score the 3rd goal that make Man Utd won Aston Villa 3-2 was a 17 years old fellow "Macheda" Who is this guy?? i really duno who is he, i guess that many Man Utd fans also duno where this guy came from...

Kiko Macheda

Ya...is this guy. he only 17 year old and younger than me. Wah, really impressive. So young ady can play for Man Utd 1st team... He sure will become famous 1 day , and will be the hope of Man Utd.