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Friday, April 9, 2010


Without realize, i have been abandoned my blog for already 3 month. So today juz a simple update to tell all my fren that i not yet died and i not missing, i still living in this world but i have gone to a place far from my hometown KL, to a small town called Jitra located at Kedah almost near Perlis for study.

My life have change alot now, i hav left my family, my frenz and also my home sweet home to come to this place, I have already come here 3 months, and hopefully i almost accommodate with the lifestyle at here. But it is quite boring lifestyle here, especially weekend. Here has not much entertainment like KL, no night life, no large shopping centre even want to find a pool centre at here also hard.
So, i hate weekend, weekend all my frens that stay at hostel can go bak to their home sweet home but i still have to stay at this noob hostel room. Damn sienz... HAiz...

Hope can go back soon, i really miss my home.. I wan go back!!