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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boring Life...

Recently my life is quite boring with working as Streamyx Reseller at Ampang Point, working hours from 10am-10pm everyday...
Damn Boring!! But I have no choice, have to earn money.... I rather go work thn stay at home, cause if i stay at home really many thing annoyance me...
(who want to apply streamyx can contact me or leave message in my chat box...)

Now i really damn annoying about my future... I really duno wat i want, i duno wat should i choose,
i scare i choose the wrong 1 again, i scare that i will regret on future... I dun have my own aim at all... Haiz~

Hope that someone can help me to solve the problem...

Yesterday went to watch Surrogates at BTS... The storyline of the movie is quite nice, but the ending is just ok only... I rate it as 7.5/10
i think that in the future, our world sure will have surrogate to replace us to work or for our daily life... But i dun hope that this day will come...

Before that, when i on my way to BTS, i turn into a lorong which cannot turn into it... Because there dun have any signboard or anything which state cannot turn into that road, so i accidently turn inside... Just after i turn inside, i saw a police car there, and also 2 police officer waiting at there, they stopped me and want me to show my driving license, and 1 of the officer came and talk to me

(our conversation)

police 1: U ada license tak?
Ada (show him)

police 1:
adik , u tak boleh pusing dari sana ke sini punya, u tau tak? u salah ...

i tak tahu, tuan boleh bagi peluang?
police 1: nanti dulu, saya tanya dulu... (thn the officer go to another officer there, and thn the other officer came to me)
police 2: wah, u P license saja? jika saya buat saman u susah nanti, minum teh la, RM20 sahaja..
swt" saya tak ada duit oh...

police 2:
nanti saman u pun susah oh...

me: (no choice, have to give them RM20)

wth.... I have nth to say lol~