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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final Destination 4

Last few days really a bad day for me, cause i just recover from sick...
My family and me (except my dad) have suffer from food poisoning... It start from my sister then my mom and at last i kena also... Because we 3 ate the same food at the fucking vegetarian restaurant on thursday night... wth !!! On yesterday morning, i vomit twice and also fever in the afternoon... Haiz... But lucky now i feel better...Not yet die!!!

Just now went to Mid Valley to watched Final Destination IV in 3-D. This is because normal seat is already full house so i have no choice need to paid another RM 7 to watch 3-D.... This is my second time watch a 3-D movie in cinema... The movie is quite nice, it is abit scary and disgusting...But there are not much 3-D effect in the movie, make me so dissapointed... I rate it 7.5/10...