~Jiaoshen Playlist~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just back from cinema, i just went to watch 2 movie on today, today afternoon, i got 3 hours break b4 my chemis lecture class, so Reno , Ken Lye and I went to Mid Valley to watch movie...
We choose to watch a new Disney Pixar cartoon...


The storyline is about an old man after his wife death, he plan to fulfill his wife long time dreams that is have a great adventure to South Africa and build their house therir... So he decide to move his house there with many of balloons....On his adventure way, he met a cute boy and so many funny things happens... The movie is quite nice and funny, and i rate it 8/10

Laughing Gor Turning Point @ GSC CHERAS LEISURE MALL

At night went to Leisure mall to watch Turning Point with my gf and sis, for those have watch TVB drama E.U, sure will know that who is Laughing Gor... The movie is quite nice also.... I rate it 7/10.

Laughing Gor is the undercover for police...