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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What can we do with £80 million ??

Cristiano Ronaldo is moving to Real Madrid...
and the transfer fees is £80 million...

so what can we do with this high amout??? with £80 million
we can buy:

1) 1.31 million of apple iPhones...

2) Total 93 Bugatti Veyron and 500 Ferrari 599 GTB

Buggati Veyron
Ferrari 599 GTB

3) 4.19 ton of Gold

The price for gold is USD31 per gram, so £80 million equal to USD 130 million , that mean we can buy 4.19 ton of gold...

4) 5 Brazillian soccer star: Ronaldinho

In 2008 summer, Ronaldinho was moving to AC Milan from Barcelona, the transfer fees is 20 million euro, so the transfer fees of C. Ronaldo equal to 5 Ronaldinho...

5) Experience a moon trip fees

The trip to moon cost 70million, so we can go for a moon trip and so we still have money left...

6) Build the Water Cube, National Aquatics Center for Beijing Olympic

Water cube

The water cube is the National Aquatics Centre for Beijing 2008 Olympic swimming competiton the total cost for build a water cube is USD 100 million, the transfer fees £80 million convert to USD is equal to USD 130million, thats mean still got USD30 million left can spend...

So, how will Sir Alex Ferguson spend the £80 million ??? I think he sure are the most happiest Manager now, because he has a high amount of transfer fees to spend for this season...

Who will the next Number 7 of Man Utd??? Ribery? Benzema? Antonio Valencia? or Eto'o??

Antonio Valencia

Karim Benzema

Frank Ribery

Samuel Eto'o

These are the target of Man Utd, but which player will successful join Man Utd?? and who will make their way to Old Trafford?

Goodbye C. Ronaldo!!!