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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Arsenal 1

Man Utd 3

(Aggregate 1 - 4 )

Man Utd is going to Rome to compete for the UEFA Final !!!! Will Man Utd get their 3rd UEFA Champion??? Who is their opponent in the Final? Chelsea or Barcelona???

At 8 min a fortuitous opener from Park Ji-sung

After 3 min later, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate his 40-yard free kick....

However, 1 goal is not enough for C.Ronaldo... At 61 min, he score again...

Celebrated for his double strikes...

Darren Fletcher mistake make him miss the final match and also give a penalty for Arsenal

Fletcher got a touch on the ball before bringing Fabregas down.

Robin Van Persie scored from the penalty spot, but it was scant consolation for the Gunners as they were humiliated 3-1 at home.

Arsenal players show upset when their team was defeat by Man Utd..

After 90 mins game, Man Utd Players celebrate they reaching the final for another year as United could become the first team to defend the Champions League trophy.